The Turkish Destination Management Solution for Superyachts


Turkey is a beautiful country steeped in fascinating history and culture. For the increasing number of Superyacht owners and guests that venture there the rewards are unforgettable.

However, to truly deliver an experience worthy of Turkey and such distinguished visitors you need local networks, specialist knowledge and the experience to make it happen, guaranteed.

After 15 years of working with Superyachts in Turkey, Zoom has proven itself to be the company to deliver the high end experiences the Superyacht industry demands, whilst also providing all the services a Superyacht needs.

Zoom is the solution for Superyachts in Turkey.

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7 reasons to visit TURKEY

1. Amazing Historical and Cultural Sites

2. Gateway to Asia

3. Fantastic Coastline & Bays including Water sports

4. Unparalleled surprising Experiences for Young and Old

5. Culinary Delights (high end and local)

6. Both Private & Peaceful and Buzzing & Exciting

7. Long season (April - November)

The Coastal Highlights

Istanbul (shopping, sightseeing, dining and culture), Göcek (yachting hotspot, privacy, bays and nature), Antalya (resorts, golfing, nature and history), Kekova (sunken city, ruins, coves, nature and water), Kaş (diving, nature and the town), Fethiye (ancient sites, bays, shopping and food), Bodrum (nightlife, restaurants, shopping, beach clubs and resorts), Çeşme (windsurfing, beach clubs and nightlife), Datça (picturesque, nature, old architecture and natural hot water spring), Kalkan (safe shelter, nature and beautiful views), Dalyan (mud baths, Kings’ Tombs, Turtle Beach and ruins)

The Inland Highlights

Pamukkale (historic site), Capadoccia (rocks, balloon tours, wine and carpets), Ephessus (historic site), Nemrut (temple and tomb, sunrise and sunset), Virgin Mary (Holy Place, wishing wall and spring with healing powers), Patara (historic site, nature, bio diverse area and rich birdlife)


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The services we offer really are limitless. It is through understanding our guests’ needs, priorities and preferences that we can design and deliver a Turkish experience of unrivalled quality.

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